Welcome to the Freedom Walk

YWCA Freedom Walk

As you may already know, last year marked the end of our 20+ year tradition of hosting the YWCA Freedom Walk.  

Thank you for your commitment to helping women and children in our community. We would like to invite you to continue your involvement with the YWCA in a new way. 

This year, our YWCA celebrates 125 years in Peterborough. One of the ways we're celebrating this milestone is by opening Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to women, families and our loyal supporters - people like you! 

We'd like to invite you to walk with your family and friends on Friday, May 27th at noon. People of all ages, genders and abilities are welcome at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

While there are a few differences between the Freedom Walk and Walk a Mile (like fancier footwear, a shorter route through the down town and less space for bikes and dogs) the purpose remains the same: to raise money in support of women and children fleeing domestic violence.

We hope you'll join us with this intent at heart again this year! 

To register for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, please click here.  

To learn more, please visit walkamilepeterborough.com.

We've come a long way since 1891 and we'll go even farther if we walk together.

We hope to see you on Friday, May 27th!